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Project Profiles

One of our core commitments at Highland West Energy is customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to ensuring you receive the most efficient smart boiler system for your project that delivers unbeatable savings and an unmatched ROI. Here are some of our most recent projects and how much each is saving with a new CHP system:

Missoula Waste Treatment Facility, Missoula, MT

APPLICATION: Sewer Treatment      

Situated on the Clark Fork in Missoula Montana, the City of Missoula uses digested methane gas from it’s waste water treatment facility to provide renewable energy 24/7. With the option to run on 100% biogas, natural gas or a blending of both the City is able to use waste heat from the CHP system to help in the digester process and provided electricty to reduce their utility spend. From begining design stages Highland West Energy worked closely with engineers to ensure this 220 KW packaged CHP system was exactly what the city needed.


Annual kW Savings: 1,620,600

Annual CO2 Reduction: 1,146 metric tons – equivalent to removing 243 cars from the roads

Greenhouse gas emissions avoided by: 400 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled

System: 2G Agenitor 220 kW Biogas CHP

Electrical Output: 195 kW (derated for altitude)

Thermal Output:  755 MBTU/hrkW

Total Efficiency: 82%


The Riverside Hotel, Boise, ID

ANNUAL SAVINGS: $192,934      ROI: 4.3 Years

APPLICATION: Hotel       SQUARE FEET: 300,000

Situated in downtown Boise, The Riverside hotel sits on 14 acres of gardens as it winds along the scenic Boise River Greenbelt, a 25-mile paved trail that follows the beautiful Boise River. The Riverside features 300 spacious guest rooms, 15 large meeting rooms, two restaurants, two bars, a fitness center, as well as an outdoor heated pool, hot tub, and splash pad. When it comes to amenities, The Riverside has it all. However, with an aging boiler system, The Riverside needed a new answer to keep up with its high electrical and hot water demands. After performing a free savings assessment, Highland West Energy determined that a 2G Patruus 400 kW CHP would best serve the hotel’s needs. Now, with the CHP in place, the hotel is enjoying more reliable electricity and hot water as well as annual utility savings over $190,000.

Annual Utility Savings: $192,934

Return On Investment: 4.3 years

Annual kW Savings: 3,121,363

Annual CO2 Reduction: 2,194 metric tons – equivalent to removing 463 cars from the roads

System: Two 2G Patruus 400 kW CHP

Electrical Output: 363 kW (derated for altitude)

Thermal Output: 499 kW

Thermal Load Met: 76%

Electrical Load Met: 88%

AmericInn, Rexburg, ID

ANNUAL SAVINGS: $9,622      ROI: 2.9 years

APPLICATION: Hotel       SQUARE FEET: 35,000

Just 90 minutes from Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, AmericInn – Rexburg is a 65-room home away from home. It features a large indoor pool and hot tub, a 1,500-square-foot conference room, and several themed guest rooms. In 2014, the inn’s three boilers were leaking water and barely able to keep up with demand. Highland West was invited to perform an energy savings assessment and showed how much the inn could save by using CHP. We removed the boilers, and replaced them with two EC Power XRGI units. A Noritz in-line water heater for redundancy completed the installation.

Annual Utility Savings: $9,622

Return On Investment: 2.9 years

Annual kW Savings: 175,240

Annual CO2 Reduction: 123 metric tons – equivalent to removing 26 cars from the roads

System: Two EC Power XRGI 22.5 kW CHP

Electrical Output: 38 kW (derated from 45 kW for altitude)

Thermal Output: 14-38 kW

Thermal Load Met: 100%

Electrical Load Met: 66%

Towers II, Rexburg, ID

ANNUAL SAVINGS: $11,580      ROI: 5.6 years

APPLICATION: Student Housing       SQUARE FEET: 75,000

Located in downtown Rexbug, the Towers II project offers 75,000 square feet of the most modern housing and amenities a student could ask for. The building features a game room, 24-hour gym, assigned underground parking, spacious rooms complete with two fridges and a washer/dryer, and enclosed hallways for added security. The building owners also operate the slightly older Towers I housing project. As they were designing this new building, they needed it to be more efficient and less expensive for the students in order for it to be even more desirable in a highly competitive student market. Two Qnergy 7.5 kW micro CHP units deliver most of the building’s electrical load and enough thermal energy to keep their water hot – with enough left over to power a convenient snow melt system for all its walkways.

Annual Utility Savings: $11.580

Return On Investment: 5.6 years

Annual kW Savings: 11,578

Annual CO2 Reduction: 8.1 metric tons – equivalent to removing 2 cars from the roads

System: Two Qnergy MCHP 7.5 kW CHP

Electrical Output: 15 kW

Thermal Output: 28-72 kW

Thermal Load Met: 40%

Electrical Load Met: 78%

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