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Increased Reliability

CHP Reliability

CHP Offers Increased Reliability

In many places across the country, the current electrical infrastructures that are in place are barely able to keep up with today’s demand for electricity and heat energy. More often than not, brownouts and blackouts occur-interrupting regularly scheduled work days and putting most of us behind on our work, errands, to-do lists, and life in general. However, when using a CHP system designed by Highland West Energy, you never have to worry about losing power due to grid instability because it’s independent from the somewhat shaky system.

Just in February of 2018, the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) put $10 million towards the “research and development activities to further the utilization of cost-effective, highly efficient combined heat and power (CHP) specifically designed to provide support to the electric grid.” The EERE goes on to say that, “ CHP is a suite of predominately gas-fired distributed generation technologies that produces electricity and thermal energy onsite, providing the user with more efficient and lower cost electricity while also increasing site reliability and energy security. CHP can also reduce line losses and strain on grid infrastructure.”

CHP for Continuous Energy Flow

In order to maintain a reliable source of energy flow to your project, installing a CHP system created by Highland West Energy is the smartest solution. Instead of installing a backup generator for your operation, the EPA suggests utilizing a CHP system that both provides thermal and electric energy on-site on a steady basis. This type of operation would result in a reliable energy solution as well as, a cost efficient energy plan. This article goes on to state that a CHP system would have to be designed to correctly and efficiently meet the base load of the electrical and thermal needs on the project in order to maintain its reliability.  In addition to maintaining the base load, the system would also need to be configured to adjust to critical energy needs in the event of a natural disaster or an extended period of a grid outage. By working with Highland West Energy can offer our client’s different CHP systems to fit your project’s requirements. You can find more information about the specific energy and thermal requirements for the needs of your facility in addition to how much money you can save by switching to CHP by contacting Highland West Energy today.

Since CHP generates all the power (electrical and thermal) on site, you’ll never have to rely on grid power again. You can enjoy consistent power regardless of the “happenings” of the grid, also known as running on “island mode’. Even after destructive storms, natural disasters, or those times that the grid just can’t keep up with the modern demand for electricity, you’ll still enjoy a continuous flow of energy. CHP systems by Highland West Energy have proven to be so reliable that they produce heat and power over 95% of the time-which is unheard of in the current grid electrical infrastructures powering most of the homes and businesses across the United States. If you’re tired of worrying about running out of or not having enough energy, switch over to CHP systems today, you won’t regret it.