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At Highland West Energy, we are proud to represent 2G Energy’s customized packaged CHP systems in Colorado,New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Eastern Oregon, and Wyoming. Based on 2G’s history of design and manufacturing experience in Energy Systems equipment and over 4,000 installations worldwide, we have the confidence in 2G’s CHP equipment, technical training and support to recommend it to our customers.

Creating the energy supply of the future with 2G CHP (Combined Heat & Power)

As energy supply markets began to transform, more and more companies decided to invest in their own power plants and to supply their own electricity, process heat and process cooling energy. They are gaining independence from the rising cost of energy, reducing their operating expenses and making a significant contribution towards climate protection. Decentralized power plants from 2G alone have produced nearly 10 billion kilowatt hours of electricity worldwide over the past two decades through the use of highly efficient heat and power co-generation.

We have been dependable partner for our customers for years – with our high-quality, reliable decentralized power plants and excellent service. We will be glad to arrange an appointment with you so that you can see our performance capabilities for yourself.


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g-box 50 – 60 kW

The g-box is 2G’s profitable small power plant with an electrical output of up to 60 kW. The connection-ready module includes a control cabinet with PLC controller. While the powerful unit works extremely efficient, the low noise output makes it suitable for various applications like hotels, offices or residential buildings.

  • Connection-ready for easy integration
  • Compact design requires minimal space for installation
  • Super-silent and fully enclosed compact module (max 55 dB(A) at a distance of 3 ft)
  • Very economical – highest thermal efficiencies through condensing technology
  • Completely water-cooled – no need for costly installation of air ducts
  • High availability, reliability and low-maintenance
  • Island mode/black start capable

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Aura 100 – 150 kW

Equipped with 2G’s proprietary Lambda 1 technology and low-charged turbocharger, it is also characterized by extremely low exhaust emissions and meets, in particular, the increasingly stringent requirements for low nitrogen oxide limits.

  • Low emissions
  • High heat efficiency
  • Reliable, service-friendly motor
  • Specifically higher performance than 15% of conventional systems with the same displacement
  • Designed as ready-to-connect compact module

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Agenitor 100 – 450 kW

The agenitor by 2G is the result of intensive work by the 2G research and development team. Improving combustion chamber geometry has made it possible to increase the efficiency of the agenitor signifianctly.

  • Highly efficient power plant with optimized gas engine
  • Modular design facilitates installation in hard to reach places
  • Very realiable even in regular start-stop operation thanks to wear-resistant engine components
  • Resilient and low-maintenance
  • Available as a twinpack configuration with two modules per container for twice the power

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Avus 550 – 2,000 kW

The 2G Avus product line is built for big tasks. With a highly-efficient 2G power plant for high electrical power consumption (above 500 kW) which is used in larger industrial projects or for supplying micro grids.

The modular built systems include all components and are easy to install.

  • Interconnection of multiple units allows for higher electrical output. A master control system enables synchronization and load sharing up to 5 modules.
  • Efficient running mode and operation times due to excellent engine quality
  • Island mode/black start capable

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