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Significant Utility Savings

CHP Utility Savings

In addition to reducing greenhouse gases while providing a more efficient and reliable energy system, CHP systems offer the one thing that everyone loves to save-money. According to this article published by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “CHP is an efficient, clean, and reliable approach to generating power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. CHP can increase operational efficiency and decrease energy costs, while reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.” The EPA has also

established the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Partnership in order to reduce the environmental impact of power generation in the United States via the promotion of CHP systems.

Just as the population rises so does the demand for energy, with this rise in energy, demand for the prices of utilities, such as electricity and thermal energy (heat) increase to unprecedented numbers. Since CHP produces all electricity and thermal energy on-site at the facility on which it operates, whether it be a residential or commercial building, this building inherently becomes less dependent on the notably unreliable grid, meaning that consequently your electricity bill will be cut by as much as 85%. That’s a significant utility savings concept that everyone can get behind!

Some projects that use CHP systems from Highland West Energy have even been able to remove the need for a third-party electricity company! What this means is that your project can produce 100% of all of its electricity and thermal energy needs on site. And if you begin to produce more than enough power for your needs, you always have the option of actually selling the electricity back to the utility company, thus not only saving you money, but helping you turn a profit from your own Highland West Energy CHP system.  Of course there is always an initial investment when converting over to a new energy technology system. For an estimation on how much money you would actually be saving, plus the length of time in which you would begin to see a return on investment, fill out this savings assessment. In addition to filling out this form, we are always readily available to answer any and all question you may have about switching over to a CHP System.