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Welcome to the Highland West Energy family. Let us show you around and introduce you.

This is our Home. Feel free to roam around, see what projects we’re working on, let us do a free Savings Assessment for you, or get your questions about CHP answered. Whatever we can do for you, we’ll do it. Also, we try to make what we do easy for everyone to understand, but if you have questions or suggestions, give us a holler.

These two gentlemen are the Hill boys. Marlin, here in the red shirt, is the one who started Highland West Energy. As a commercial plumber and machinist with over 40 years’ experience, Marlin has seen and done everything in the piping world. But one day he realized that while he could plan and install a highly efficient plumbing solution, he didn’t have a way to help his customers save money on their utilities – which was one of their biggest expenses. Knowing where the energy market was heading and seeing the many, many benefits of cogeneration, he founded a company to help people like you save that utility money, and Highland West was born.

The handsome devil there in blue is Nolan. Nolan is the CEO of Highland West. His business acumen ensures that whatever products Highland West offers are the best quality, at the best price – without exception. Like his dad, Nolan is passionate about saving you and your business money. In fact, he worked with one business for over a year, for free, so that they would know exactly what they were getting, how much they would save, and to ease their apprehensions so that they were 100% comfortable with the CHP system they got.

That’s our Highland West Energy family, and we want you to be a part of it. Sure we love CHP and the benefits it provides, but our real business is about relationships. We want to get to know you and help you find solutions that make the most sense for your project. If CHP isn’t the best fit for you, we’ll gladly tell you and suggest other options that may work better – because we value your relationship more than the sale. But if you do decide CHP is right for you, we promise you’ll never be treated better.

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